Playback...Born on Long Island!




Tim is a founding member of PLAYBACK and started his music career in 1963 with the onset of the British Invasion. Although he enjoyed Dion, and The Four Seasons, it was The Beatles that sent him on a mission to form the group. Tim sings lead vocals and backup harmony. 

Lanny has a style unmatched by most guitarist. Lanny plays lead guitar and 12 string. His awesome talents make our Beatles and Byrd's tunes shine. Lanny also sings lead vocals and backup harmony.

Paul is a product of 70's Rock & Roll.  With a strong beat and love of all music, his is the heart of PLAYBACK behind the drum kit.  His love of the Beatles has made him one of the best British Invasion drummers around. Paul also sings lead vocals and backup harmony.

Rich also shares a strong love of the British Invasion and Classic Rock. Involved in the local music scene for decades, Rich plays guitar as well as singing lead vocals and backup harmony.

Vinnie is the ultimate "utility" musician, playing harmonica, instrumental keyboard, trumpet and percussion. Vinnie also sings lead vocals and backup harmony.

John is a true professional, with an awesome presence on stage. He brings energy to every song, and his musicianship is second to none. Performing for decades, John plays bass guitar as well as singing backup harmony.

Billy holds the (keys) to our performance, and pulls our sound together. Where would any band be without an awesome keyboard player, and Billy is just that.  Playing Piano, Organ, and Synth parts, Billy shines from behind, and allows PLAYBACK to deliver a polished product every time. 


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